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September 2, 2016


Single Ladies!!! Welcome to the first official entry in my blog. In honor of the release of the book entitled The Single Ladies' Commandments: Songs for Love, Healing, Freedom, and Purpose, the inaugural installment of The Commandments Series, I welcome you! In preparation of The Single Ladies' Commandments, a self-help book filled with 90 daily devotions, I will dedicate weekly blog posts up until the book's release. These weekly blog posts are designed to inspire and prepare you, Single Ladies, for the 90-day journey that awaits in the book. 


If you haven't heard yet, allow me to be the first to share the anticipated release date of January 2017. In order to help ease the wait each post will be structured in a similar format as the book. I will begin with a song that may or may not be familiar to you. Perhaps you never heard of it. Perhaps you haven't heard the song in years. Regardless I encourage you to seek a permissible source to listen to the song, and then read or watch the blog post. With that being said, shall we begin? 


Well don't let me stop you! Proceed to the next entry in my blog entitled #ViewsfromtheSix.  




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December 18, 2016

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