Diamonds. . . A Girl's Best Friend

September 11, 2016


Listen: Rihanna - Diamonds (2012)


Single Ladies, do you ever find yourself struggling to balance it all? Perhaps you're a full-time employee by day and attend school at night. Perhaps you're a mother with three jobs. Not to mention you're a daughter, sister, or an aunt. You still desire a social life and maybe even a love life amidst it all. We can't forget to weave in your inner most dreams and divine purpose. How do you manage to balance it all? 

First, understand the process. Diamonds are created with pressure and you're no different! In order for you to shine, life is going to apply pressure. It's all a part of the process for you to live your purpose out loud. Take comfort that you will come out of the fire chamber with a shine so bright no one will be able to deny you of your God-given destiny.



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