I Lost Myself in the Moment. I Just Hope I Can Find Myself Again...

September 25, 2016


Single Ladies, it's amazing how life moves on. In the moment of disappointment, failure or heartbreak life may seem unbearable. However, if we could take a peek in our future like God can take a peek, we would see joy, love, and peace. We would find that the moment is just that–a moment, fleeting and insignificant in the grand scheme of life. 

Have you ever been compared to the negative personality characteristic of another person? Have you heard someone say you're just like her or you're just like him? Perhaps it was your divorced parents pointing the finger at you or a guy comparing you to an ex. To be honest, I've done the same. That is, compared a new guy's actions to someone in my past.


In this case, memories serve as warning mechanisms for us. We become cautious about the future, sometimes too cautious. What if we realized the impact of being too cautious and how it dictates our future? My takeaway–try not to become wrapped up in the moment. If we wrap ourselves up too tight in the bitter taste of the moment, we may prolong the sweet lemonade of joy, love, and peace–the true victory!




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