I'm Loving Being Single During the Holidays!

December 12, 2016

You know what I just learned about myself this holiday season? I'm enjoying being single. 


I've been living on my own for years now and I've never had my own Christmas tree. Each year I always say I'm going to get myself a tree. Yet year after year has gone by and I never get around to it. Well this year I was inspired by my youngest sister. She's off away at college and she bought her first Christmas tree.


At first, of course I had to try to talk myself out of it. I don't have any storage space in my apartment so where would I stow a faux tree after the holidays. Growing up I never had a real tree, but I was thinking that would be best considering my circumstances. So I bought my first Christmas tree, a live tree at that. 


I got some Pinterest inspiration and I decorated the most girliest tree you can think of - with pink ornaments, crystals, bows, ribbons and pearls. 


Then, I thought if I were married I surely receive an objection to this girly tree, if not by my husband maybe my children. It made me grateful for my single life and taught me to cherish it. After all, God willing - it won't last forever! 



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